4 Reasons To Have A Compressed Air Flow Meter Can

An efficient air compressor systems benefits business by reducing operational costs, increasing up-time and reducing maintenance. Is your compressed air system increasing your operational costs?  Are you experiencing inadequate volume or pressure, pressure drops and failures? If you have these problems you might think that your system has seen better days, and it’s time to find a replacement. What if you’re wrong? Your system may have more time than you think. A compressor air flow meter can give you an accurate answer.

In this article, we will focus on four factors a compressor air flow meter can help you manage in your manufacturing business.

  1.  Pressure Control

A manufacturing plant may increase pressure to address pressure drops, peak periods and system leaks. However, it results in an artificial demand that requires an additional compressor capacity of up to 25 percent. You can adjust the pressure in your compressor to minimize leakage. If there is inadequate airflow, it is prudent to maintain constant pressure. Avoid exceeding the recommended air pressure when operating your compressor.

A receiver tank helps in regulating peak demands in your airflow system. Typically, the tank holds compressed air when the demand is low, and it supplies when compressed air demand increases. It prevents the compressor system from breaking down.

  1.  Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining a compressed air is a common challenge in most plants. Most firms overlook filters and driver belts. Typically, loose belts minimize the performance of a standard compressor system while dirty filters lead to dirt accumulation and pressure drops in the system. Certain replacement elements are useful in maintaining high air quality and low line pressure.

Create a preventative maintenance program to service your compressor system regularly. Also, check the condition of your compressor air flow meter frequently to reduce your compressed air wastage. It helps in avoiding unnecessary downtime.

  1.  Detecting Leaks

At times, it is tricky to identify leaks in an air compressor system. However, you can apply various techniques such as soapy water to seal a detached joint. Leak detectors are vital tools that effectively locate leaks in all compressor systems. It is advisable to use a sensor when an audible sound and a visible leak occur. LED display lights are often used to identify leaks. Leak detectors are ideal for a distance of up to two meters.

  1.  Pressure Drop Control

A pressure drop occurs when compressed air flows in a pipe with elbows, valves, and tees. They are vital components of an ordinary air compressor system. If you install a small piping system, there will be a low flow volume. It might reduce the lifespan and performance of your compressor.

In such a scenario, it is essential to increase the volumetric demand to ascertain whether the piping has the right diameter to get sufficient flow volume. The compressed air flow meter’s digital display indicates the quantity of compressed air available. An air compressor system may need several flow meters to manage the compressed air flow properly.

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