Alternatives to Diamonds on Custom Engagement Rings

Millennials are no longer buying diamonds as they used to. According to CNBC, there was expected to be a 2% increase in diamond sales in 2015 as opposed to 2014 whose sales were expected to increase by 4%. In modern times, people are viewing engagements differently thus, finding rings that uniquely fit their situation. We discuss the most popular alternative stones to diamonds on modern custom engagement rings.

  • Amethyst

Due to its color which is a hue of purple, the Greek related the stone to the wine god Bacchus and believed it could ward off drunkenness. Its name is derived from amethystos which is a Greek word meaning ‘not drunk.’ The semiprecious stone is a February birthstone which is available in different shapes, sizes and color tones.

  • Emeralds

Its green color is believed to symbolize qualities such as rebirth and love. It is mostly associated with royalty. Emerald is also believed to protect the wearer from evil spells and cure diseases. Due to its lower density compared to diamond, one-carat emeralds appear much larger.

  • Sapphire

Sapphire is popular in custom engagement rings as it is believed to signify trust, honesty, and loyalty. While the most popular and desired color is vivid blue, sapphire can be found in other colors such as orange, yellow, violet, fuchsia, green, and a mixture of tangerine, pink and salmon.

  • Ruby

Ruby has deep religious associations not only by the Christians but also by the Hindus who believed that people who offered the stones to Krishna would become emperors in the afterlife. Due to its bold and fiery colors, ruby is believed to represent passion, love, positivity, and energy. It is the July birthstone.

  • Pearl

Pearl gemstones are associated with purity, integrity, innocence, perfection and chastity. Pearl is timeless and unique. Cream and white colored pearls are more popular, but pearls are also available in various colors including green, black and pink.

  • Opal

In ancient Rome, opal was believed to be the strongest of all gemstones as it contained most of the colors. It was believed to protect the wearer of illnesses and dependency. The October birthstone is believed to signify hope and purity

  • Peridot

Peridot is a unique gemstone as it is available only in golden-yellow color. It was common in ancient Egypt where wearers believed peridots provided good luck and confidence. It was also believed to have healing capabilities.

When shopping for custom engagement rings, remember to look for a reputable seller. Ask for recommendations from friends, family and go through their customer reviews. Start early to give yourself enough time to view works from different jewelers. This will also give the seller enough time to customize the ring according to your requirements.