How to Decide the Right Length of Pearl Necklace?


You can get pearl necklaces in different lengths. Selection of right length depends on several factors such as your personal taste, type of event, outfit and budget. To ease your selection, we are providing you helpful information regarding different lengths of necklace that you can find in the jewellery stores.

Different types of lengths of a pearl necklace

Pearl necklace comes in six different lengths to choose from. These are –

  • 16 inches Pearl Choker
  • 18 inches Princess Length
  • 22 inches Matinee Pearls
  • 36 inches Opera Length Necklaces
  • 52 inches Pearl Ropes
  • 100 inches Endless Pearl Ropes
  • The 16 inches Pearl Choker

The Pearl Choker encircles the base region of the neck. It runs over the collarbones and reaches below the throat. It is best for open or high necklines and boat neck or strapless attire.

  • The 18 inches modern classic Princess Length

This necklace goes below the collarbone. It looks elegant and versatile, and suits on open collar shirts, fall sweater, evening gowns and boatnecks shirts. It is appropriate for a casual day or a glamorous evening occasion.

  • The 22 inches matinee length necklace

This pearl lies around the mid-chest level. It adds a touch of personality to your conventional outfit its by the house cleaning services while looking elegant at the same time.

  • The 36 inches Opera Length

This is a longer necklace that goes till the upper abdomen region. It is named as Opera because of being suitable for glamorous evening occasion. It has got a dramatic and fanciful length that imparts elegance to the wearer.

  • 54 Inches Pearl Necklace Length

This is a highly versatile necklace that is characterized for its plain fun look. It can be worn as a single necklace, loose, doubled, or tripled necklace around the neck region for that desirable elegant and layered appearance.

  • The 100 Inches Layered and Luxurious Unending Pearl Rope

This necklace gives you 100 inches of endless elegance. It can be worn in doubled, quadrupled, tripled, double-knotted, or single knotted form depending on the wearer’s preference.


Hope this information has given you a good idea in learning about the different lengths of a pearl necklace and finding the best one.