Our Top 3 Runway Debris Removal Videos


There’s something satisfying about watching videos in which a mess is cleaned up. From pimple popping videos to runway debris removal videos, seeing a hero clear the way to clear skin and clean pavement paths offers us relief and control in an uncontrollable life. We have a variety of both process, informative, and testimonial videos that showcase our Fod Boss as the #1 renowned runway debris sweeper.

But if you only have a few minutes, here’s our TOP 3  most helpful and dynamic Runway Debris Removal Videos!

The FOD Boss App Tutorial

 If you need to keep track of the weight of the debris you’re sweeping up and need to log the efficiency of your FOD Boss in general, this video explains how to use the App. The dynamic music also has a sense of building anticipation and makes you feel more epic than you normally would during a how-to video. (Note: this score is featured on several of the videos, like a brand theme song, but it’s an especially nice background to balance the onslaught of information check here.) If you already have a FOD Boss, we highly recommend this tutorial! If you don’t, SKIP AHEAD!

Reverse Thrust: FOD Danger

Like an action movie, this video showcases the gradual process of a plane landing and creates suspense and anticipation. We think that there’ll be an obstacle. We worry that there might be debris on the runway. We hope it’s JUST water that we see as the plane prepares to land. Luckily, the hero of the story comes in, and the it’s the FOD Boss, attached to a vehicle and slaying all day, clearing debris and alleviating any worry we had. It’s a wonderful demonstration of how it works on the airfield, something we’re all familiar with and relieved to know will be clear and safe. Check it out to see the FOD Boss in action!

The FOD Boss: Foreign Object Debris FOD Airfield Sweeper

For a closer look at the FOD Boss in action compared to the tutorial and the plane landing video we’ve already discussed, watch this one! We actually get up close and personal with the FOD Boss, right in the bristles and vacuum and vortex. We’re like a dustball or chunk of metal ourselves, picked up and along for the ride. The music pulls us in as fast as the FOD Boss pulls in debris and it’s the best showcase of the ins and outs of this revolutionary piece of equipment cleans and clears!

We aim for our videos to educate and entertain both prospective and loyal customers of the Fod Boss! Contact us if you have further questions or interest!