Top 3 Most Prevalent Chimney Problems

In its 2016 report, the National Fire Protection Association revealed that one of the leading contributors to house fires in the U.S was the lack of adherence to chimney hygiene. Even though most people do not think much of their chimneys when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them, the National Fire Protection Association Standard 211 categorically states that chimneys, vents, and fireplaces need to have annual inspections to maintain appropriate safety standard around your home. This article will discuss the 3 most prevalent chimney problems and why you should invest in professional chimney cleaning in CT.

  1.    Creosote
    Creosote is a mixture of soot and brown or black tar, which combines to form a fine carbon powder. When wood burns, both smoke, and creosote go up the chimney, with the latter being deposited along the chimney’s lining.

Creosote is dangerous for various reasons. One, it is flammable, which makes it one of the major causes of chimney fires. Secondly, this material hinders proper venting of your chimney system. This might cause toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide to infiltrate the household. In large amounts, this invisible, tasteless, and odorless gas can be fatal.

Fortunately, a professional chimney cleaning company in CT can remove all the three types of creosote from your chimney, leaving it safe for everyone near it.

  1.    Cracks in the Masonry or Mortar
    If your chimney hasn’t been inspected and maintained for a while, it risks crumbling or collapsing. Thus, regular maintenance is needed to make sure that moisture is not able to penetrate your chimney and destroy the mortar.
    If the damage is already done, a professional chimney maintenance company will replace the damaged mortar with a new one that provides it with the appropriate stability and protection. Of course, not following through with maintenance could see you end up with a collapsed chimney, which is far costlier to replace than to maintain.
  2.    Blockage
    When a fireplace has not been utilized in a long time, a blockage might occur. It is often caused debris such as leaves, birds’ nests, or even dead animals. This blockage might cause fumes to find their way back into your house as they aren’t able to exit the chimney properly. This is why chimney experts recommend that you have a cap installed on the chimney to prevent these occurrences.

If you notice that your chimney or fireplace is having issues, it could be indicative of a bigger underlying problem, which if not dealt with promptly, could result in dire consequences. This means not bailing out on your annual chimney inspection. Moreover, if you have just purchased a new home, ensure that you have chimney cleaning experts look at it so you can be sure of its state. Creative Masonry & Chimney is the premier chimney maintenance and Restoration Company in Farmington, CT. Decades of experience in the industry ensures that our servicemen know every trick in the book to solve your chimney problem fast, effectively, and at a favorable cost. Looking for chimney cleaning CT? Be sure to talk to us today.