Top Design Jobs for Creative People

Do you have artistic eyes? Do you own an impeccable sense of style? Your love of colors and sense of style can make you labeled as a creative person. If it’s your inner talent, then you embrace as you enjoy expressing your ability of making things visually appealing and spread creativity all around.

What if you get to a point where you can actually get paid for being creative? It sounds fun. A lot of jobs out there need real creativity and sense of style, there is actually a wide array of creative career where artistic people can simply thrive in. Designing anything by your own is considered a talent, what if you design something with a great high taste of sophistication and charm? Then you are a real deal talent.

Here are the best design creative jobs:

  • Graphic designer.

Graphic Designers professionals are in high-demand. Graphic Designers create designs for product illustrations, brand identities, marketing collateral and even websites. They use computer software like the famous Adobe® Creative Suite. Professional graphic designers merge artistic ability with technical skills, in order to create a specific design which reaches the targeted audience easily. Graphic designers may work independently as freelancers on an in-house setting for an agency or company. The three must have skills are

  • Adobe® Creative Suite
  • packaging design
  • Typesetting
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  • Interior designer.

Interior Designers work with interior spaces to improve functionality, safety and aesthetic appeal of the place and area.  They are responsible of selecting flooring,furniture, color schemes, lightning and any other element of room building .Another mission they are responsible for is that they sketch their ideas by using design software in order to communicate their plans with structural engineers, architects and builders who bring their computerized designs and apply them on real life. Interior designer must have three skills in order to succeed:

  • Customers service,
  • Computer Aided Drafting/Design (CAD) Software
  • Salesskill.

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  • User Experience (UX) designer.  

UX designers are the ones who make websites, software, mobile applications and video games like as shown in They aim of making it much easier when interacting with users. Their duty is to study and evaluate how people feel about a certain system, and they must design their product in a way which caters the needs of the users. They must also analyze the specific components of the system, such as value, credibility, accessibility and usefulness. UX designers sometimes work with retailers to update their product webpages and remove issues like hard-to-find buttons, visual clutter and frustrating forms which can prevent potential users and buyer from making a purchase. There are some basic skills that must be equipped by the UX designers like:

  • Prototyping
  • UX Wireframes
  • Web programming languages (HTML5, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT).

  • UX designers are in high demand, you can always find a job if you’re a UX designer specialist.

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  • Multimedia Artist and Animator.

Multimedia Artist and Animator job is a very creative job title. They create special effects and animations for movies, video games, TV and any other form of media -both two dimensional or three dimensional . In order for them to bring ideas to life, they usually work with teams of animators and artists by using computer software or by even writing their own computer codes. Some of UX designers work from offices, but most of them prefer working from home (self-employed).There are three basic skills that must be equipped

  • UX Wireframes
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe® Photoshop®
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  • Advertising & Promotions Manager.

Advertising and promotions related positions often work in agencies who organize campaigns for clients. They are also responsible for managing and promoting social media profiles like twitter or youtube. Here your creativity is the most important work tool. Top social media marketing companies want top youtube views strategies and that always means outsmarting your competitors. Working with sales staff is a must because they need to develop concepts for campaigns as well as partner with creative teams to produce layouts, prepare campaign budget and negotiate contracts.  There are three basic must have skills:

  • Budgeting
  • Project Manager
  • Marketing

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Creative Designer jobs in design industry if a great field for creative worker; it allows them to merge their artistic taste with the love of colors and technology developments all in one place in order to create one bug artistic master piece. The great thing about workingin this field is that it actually makes you stay on an updated track because this field requires consist practicing. Designer related jobs are in high demand, and always will be, because every new project or any company actually needs an artistic touch in order to be superior on others. If you’re still studying designer related majors then go ahead and gain a solid experience in his field, it will be a great field to dig deep in for a long-term career path.

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