What is S4/HANA in SAP and How is It Different From Earlier Versions?

SAP-S4 HANA is the latest iteration of SAP, the most comprehensive ERP system available today. SAP-S4/HANA offers a completely re-engineered data storage and memory architecture that now processes data within the memory architecture rather than in a separate database.

This allows a much easier flow of data between databases and greatly facilitates the processing of the data. The new concept utilizes “In Memory” databases, as opposed to relational databases on a separate platform. Having the processing functionality occur within the same ” Memory” framework as the data results in a reduction in processing times. This new speed allows the creation of more effective Business Warehouse tools, including demand forecasting, and materials management. This type of functionality is significant as these are tools that increase the efficiency and productivity of any enterprise.

This more simplified approach to data storage increases processing speeds and provides ” Real-time” viewing of business activities. This enables improved forecasting, inventory management, financial transactions and every other aspect of enterprise activity. S/4hana also has far fewer transactional operations than previous versions but achieves the same and often better results.

What is s/4hana in SAP ?

SAP-S4/HANA is the culmination of 46 plus years of SAP development. SAP has gone through an evolutionary process since its inception in 1972, with each successive iteration achieving higher levels of speed and efficiency. The word HANA stands for High-performance ANalytics Appliance, and was launched in 2010.

Besides offering increased functionality over previous versions, S4/HANA makes SAP more accessible to a wider range of enterprises because it is now able to run on the SAP hosted Cloud. Previous versions required proprietary hardware and dedicated servers to host the system which is a considerable capital outlay for any business.

Although SAP S/4hana can run on user-owned servers, the option to use SAP hosted cloud services enables companies to allocate capital to other areas enabling them to grow their business. The elimination of the need for a dedicated server farm also eliminates the need for space allocation to house the hardware, and the maintenance.

S/4hana offers improved user interfaces.

The internal architecture of the system is less complex and offers new user interfaces. These new interfaces make the system easier for operators to access data and run reports in ” Real-time”. This means that instead of having to wait for reports to process, the status of company systems is visible as they are occurring. Changes in material inventories are displayed immediately.

S/4hana in the cloud offers enhanced security and disaster recovery.

A further advantage to ” Cloud” hosting of s/4hana is highly secure and safe environment for company data. SAP is constantly providing improvements in security measures to prevent intrusion from outside, unauthorized sources. This not only protects company information and intellectual property but also protects client and supplier information including financial and account information.

Additionally, SAP Cloud hosting is an immediate improvement in disaster recovery. Unlike in-house hosting which can be vulnerable to a host of threats including natural disasters, fire, or equipment failure having a cloud-hosted database is inherently a more secure environment.

Additionally, the need for additional disaster recovery services is eliminated as the ” Cloud” is the ultimate in database security.

Is SAP S/4hana a solution for your enterprise?

SAP S/4hana offers numerous benefits to any enterprise including greater data storage, data processing, and financial tools. This new version of SAP now offers the greatest flexibility ever and because it does not require a massive capital investment to initiate, it is now within the scope of many smaller and medium-sized companies.

Large enterprises will appreciate the improvements in speed, enhanced capabilities, and improved user-friendliness.

There are numerous resources to assist any sized enterprise with their transition to SAP/HANA.

One well respected and reliable resource is Protera Technologies, a global leader in ERP and IT information systems. Seeking the assistance of an experienced team is your best assurance of a successful implementation.